12 Step Upholstery Cleaning Process

In this cleaning process first the technician will come check the condition of the upholstery. And then he made some area of preparation about the upholstery. and he pre vacuum that one for to remove some sand on that one. and he treats with the some kind of solution for making all the things to […]

How To Remove Nasty Old Carpet

Pressure Washing Douglasville It is all about removing dirt from massive old carpets.The proper and exclusive methodology of the process of removing dirt is deeply mentioned in the video of removing dirt.The dirt and main thing one should practice and follow is to remove the base board containing the carpet after the removal of the […]

Removing Carpet Stains & Spots

In this video one man teaching how to carpet stains and spots its keeping methods are simple and some chemicals are using this video this man this job doing sofa setting sitting and table used doing he is job baking soda using this video its simple method using in this video this man teaching slowly […]

3 Steps on Removing Pet Odor PERMANENTLY

This video is about a professional carpet cleaner that is showing us alternate ways to clean up pet odor. He uses organic materials to rid the stain and the smell of the pet odor making it a safer, and smarter choice than other products. On top of that, he explains that this is also a […]

Upholstery Cleaning

This video is a demonstration of how upholstery can be cleaned through the use of professional equipment and solvent. Most other cleaning videos give a little tutorial of how you can do it too with items from your own household, but this video isn’t about that. It shows a man cleaning one half of a […]

Stretch carpet.

In this video we learning how to stretch carpet repairing in this video one old men explaining here in this video should be very good quality video perfect video and we learning in this video repairing the carpet stretch it good one and this man teaching very well and good everyone understandingly teaching here this […]

Carpet Installation

In this man teaching to us how to carpet installation in home or every where its a following simple method and this video teaching one man this man is good working to installation in only one man of doing easily this man perfectly installation in this video small electrical product are using this video this […]

Dog, Cat Pet Urine Stains and Removal

This is a very useful video about the importance of scotch-guarding and protecting the carpet. The video is informative and useful without being too flashy and gimmicky. Pet urine once soaked into the carpet is very hard to get back out. It was useful to see how to avoid that kind of problem from the […]

Carpet Cleaning How to Video

This video was easy to follow, well paced and, most importantly, was incredibly easy to follow. Having struggled with cleaning carpeted stairs in the past, this video gave me several pointers as to where I’d missed important steps in the past. From explaining the process of pre-vacuuming the stairs to making sure to focusing on […]